Our Process

Producing a feature movies and documentaries to marketplace can take a lot of time and effort, unless you have a solid workflow in place. At Lime Light Cinema Group, we have organized and streamlined our production methods to deliver the powerful results needed to maximum efficiency. Our process is divided into three major steps—pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production is the foundation of the entire project, and if it is not given the attention it deserves, you can expect a poor final project.

The first step after we develop a basic concept is to write the script. Without a great script, it is very difficult to make a great movie, we engage the right services to produce a professional products.

The next step is storyboarding, where visual artists develop a rough outline of the entire script in picture form to determine things such as camera movement, basic actions by the actors, and important set elements.

Speaking of the set, the third step in pre-production is location scouting, especially important for exterior shots and to get that “Hollywood” feel. However, if budget is a concern, one could also utilize green screen capabilities which allows cinematographers to place the action in settings from a bustling city to a Island paradise for a lot less than flying out actors and crew.

Casting rounds out the last step in pre-production. Not even a great script can save bad acting, so Lime Light takes actor selection seriously to find the best talent within your project’s budget.

After pre-production, the project moves into the production phase, where sets are dressed and props made ready, lighting and camera equipment are set up, lines are rehearsed, and the director finally gets to yell “action!”

After the shoot, footage is taken to Lime Light’s state-of-the art editing team for some post-production magic. First, the raw footage is processed and a rough cut produced. Once approved, our technicians and artists fine-tune the edits, record a professional voice over, produce graphics and animations, and color-correct the video to make it pop. We then deliver your final cut ready for delivery.

As you can see, Lime Light Cinema Group’s production workflow is designed for maximum speed and professional cinema-quality results. We invite you to contact us today to discuss how we can take your project from concept to reality.

Lime Light Cinema Group.